Now that I have moved through several chapters in the Haskell Book, I am finding certain concepts that were a little fuzzy and hard to process. Things make more sense when I take a cursory look back at Elixir. Understanding more of why functions tend to be fairly simple with very little arguments and the use of piping function results into other functions. Various commonly used terms and concepts are now making more sense as well. I find taking the online course that Glasgow has and the on-going videos/articles that are continuing to get dropped on LambdaSchool are helping to re-enforce some core concepts I learned in the book as well. Repetition seems to be a huge part of remembering the syntax and concepts.

The challenge right now is trying to figure out whether to continue going further in the Haskell Book, or returning back to trying to get back into Elixir in some depth. As I look into other’s advice on learning new languages, it appears a very good consensus points to having your own little personal projects that help you get the job done. Code examples are useful for sure, but sometimes a little project of your own may make a world of difference to keep you going through some of the more difficult concepts or errors you run into. Rob Conery has a good take on learning new programming languages, his perspective is from Elixir.

I am also finding myself listening to the Code Newbie Podcast fairly frequently, they try to see where a programmer started from and advice they give to those learning to program or getting ahead in the industry.