Elixir Books

Programming Elixir 1.6 by Dave Thomas Very good easy to understand book on learning Elixir from the ground up.

Programming Phoenix 1.4 by Chris McCord, Bruce Tate, and Jose Valim Very good book on learning how to use the web “framework” Phoenix to create high performance web applications by the creators of the Phoenix.

The Little Elixir & OTP Guidebook by Benjamin Tan Wei Hao Has a decent overview of Elixir and its syntax with some useful tips and then jumps into OTP.

Metaprogramming Elixir: Write Less Code, Get More Done by Chris McCord More advanced book on writing Elixir macros, worth a look once you master the language.

Elixir Community Resources

Elixir Radar Great weekly newsletter with awesome articles and news from around the community and also job listings for the language.

Elixir Digest

Elixir Podcasts

Elixir Fountain Great interviews and news from around the Elixir community.

Elixir Mix

Elixir Outlaws

Elixir Tutorials

elixir sips Many screencasts covering a wide range of concepts in Elixir, originally created as a way for the author to learn Elixir, it has been built into a fairly comprehensive collection of how-to screencasts of various topics relating to Elixir.

Haskell Books

Haskell Programming from first principles by Christopher Allen and Julie Moronuki Very good and comprehensive book on learning the Haskell programming language, written by a non-programmer and a Haskell programmer with the aim to make learning the language very doable. I recommend going through this before learning other functional languages, as it makes core functional programming concepts make more sense.

Real World Haskell Freely available book on learning Haskell.

Haskell Tutorials

Learn Functional Programming using Haskell Useful videos and articles that are a decent supplement for the Haskell Book.

Programming Podcasts

Code Newbie Podcast Great interviews with programmers and advice for those just starting to learn to program.

Front End Happy Hour Fun podcast with a roundtable of professional developers that tackle languages, frameworks, and other related things.

Learn to Code with Me Another great podcast geared towards beginning programmers.